Ralph C Cabage III

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Many people get involved in the pet industry after being a hobbyist but very few understand all the aspects of the animals we keep or the businesses we are trying to operate  successfully. Everyone should always be learning.  Making the right choices for your business, your customers and the precious livestock we all keep is a way of life for all of us in the pet and garden industries.

It is never too late to change how and why you do things in your business.  I want to help everyone understand we can grow the hobby, the  industry, and better compete for peoples time.  I will help you with the companies I represent such as Sicce and help you make better business choices  while helping your customers.  If we all have more time with our families and the great  ponds and aquariums we call our own, then we will lead better lives.  This is only possible if your business is profitable and your customers are successful.  


My mission is to establish efficient two way relationships with dealers and distributors who care about their, business's, their, customers and

the hobbies we all love”

You can do better in your business while carrying best in class products customers want if you have a partnership with companies like Sicce.

Why Sicce?

Leading edge technologies

True business partnerships with support.

Products and services that help your business and customers be more successful.

About Me

Now, more than ever, it is important you do business with people who understand what it is to run a retail dealership and the true challenges we all face.

None of this matters if the companies we all do business with do not act with integrity while providing support and true partnerships with dealers and distributors.  It seems natural that Dealers, Distributors, and Manufactures would work together.  So why does it not happen?  It can and it must.  As the head of Sicce for the Americas , I am here to show everyone it will.

Ralph Cabage is the head of Sicce USA and advises companies nationwide on aquarium and pond products and services.  With close family and friends doing everything from retail  dealerships, nurseries, aquarium maintenance, and pond installation, he has a full stake in the industry .

Ralph started in business at the age of seven working in his parents grocery business.   Later  he worked part time in the landscaping business.  While attending the University of Tennessee, he worked part time  as a dog trainer working with police dogs and helping in charity classes at the humane society.

In 1986 after teaching diving and becoming a master diver,  Ralph started a fish wholesale company and a retail saltwater aquarium store after visiting the Cook Islands and Fiji.  With key purchases, he expanded into manufacturing and then aquarium distribution.  With a love for water gardening, he began teaching classes at the University of Tennessee on water gardening.  This led to him helping his life long friend who was a landscaper win 6 awards in trade shows displaying water gardens.

His family and friends are still involved with these business‘s today.  Currently Ralph acts in an advisory roll for these and many other companies.  He is currently heading Sicce USA a pump and filter manufacture in the pet and garden industry.

Helping Dealers from coast to coast at trade shows.

In 2010 Sicce introduces the Voyager HP